How you can get involved in Global Recycling Day, 18 March

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Kidswear Collective Global Recycling Day Guide. Two children looking into a terrarium.
Image from Kidswear Collective 

Global Recycling Day Guide

We have created a guide on how you and your little one can get involved in this Global Recycling Day which we hope will inspire you from 18 March and beyond!

1.        Start by changing some of your shopping habits and look out for your local Zero Waste shop. Zero Waste Shops encourage you to reuse the bottles, pots, and other containers that you would otherwise throw away. Make it fun by getting your little one to think about the ways you can reuse or recycle the products you already have in your home. Use this map to find your nearest shop - 

2.       Clean up your local environment. Whether it is your local park or pond, collecting and recycling unwanted plastic is essential for keeping the environment healthy. Discover your local community clean-up hub and recycle with CleanupUK or how about a river clean-up with Thames21.

3.        Teaching your children about recycling is crucial!  Encourage everyone in the family to learn about recycling and make it enjoyable for the kids with fun activities and interesting facts. Check out these recycling worksheets by Crafts on the Sea!

4.        Turn trash into art! With the rise of platforms like Instagram and TikTok, people are sharing all the creative ways to transform their trash into art. Instead of discarding that water bottle, think of ways to repurpose it into something beautiful. 

Kidswear Collective Global Recycling Day. A child in a forest with flowers & trees smiling in the the distance.
Image from Kidswear Collective. 

Here are some of our favourite trash-to-art recycling examples!

Kidswear Collective. Trash-to-art examples.